This was more than a party… You have made a difference. Thank you.

Thank You 2015 - Vinnie FinalWe’re all ears!

We spend a lot of our year talking about Purple, but now it’s our turn to stop and listen to what you have to say – your opinions mean everything to us because they are the most important tool we have to make each Purple Party better than the year before. Ultimately, its you who decides if Purple Party is a success or not.

We created this survey to find out what you loved, what you didn’t, or even why you chose to not attend. Remember, we can’t make improvements unless we know what you didn’t like, so please take a moment to tell us how you really feel. We’re big boys (and girls); we can take it!

Even if you did not attend any events during the weekend, there are questions just for you. The survey will only ask you questions based on your previous answers, as we respect your time for completion.

We value your privacy. No personal information is required, so you can be completely anonymous if you choose. However, if you do provide us with your email address at the end of this survey, you’ll be entered to win a pair of weekend passes for 2016.

Many thanks,
Board & Members of Purple Foundation, Inc.

RBS Brown | Development
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