May 13, 2018 @ 9:00 pm – May 14, 2018 @ 2:00 pm
Stereo Live
2711 Storey Ln
Dallas, TX 75220
18+ / $70 Door (Discounted Adv Purchase Tickets Avail) / Included in Weekend Pass and Prime Pass
Purple Foundation, Inc.

Stereo Live in Dallas

Stereo Live in Dallas

Close out an unforgettable Purple Party Weekend with our final party, located at Stereo Live with DJs Joe Gauthreaux (NYC) and WilPower (Dallas).

As one of the most sought after DJs and Producers in the industry, Joe Gauthreaux a resume full of club appearances and main events that spans the last 15 years – with the list ever growing. A staple at major clubs across North America, Brazil and Asia, while holding multi-year residencies in several key markets across the world, his name is synonymous with having a driving and unique musical experience. Constantly evolving, Gauthreaux has now taken his music to the next level with his own house music label “Prop D Recordings,” with his 2014 debut single “Bye Felicia” featuring Mitch Amtrak reaching number 5 on the Billboard Dance Chart, making Gauthreaux an official Billboard Recording Artist. He also wrote and produced the sleeper hit “You Are My Family,” featuring Inaya Day on vocals, which has turned into a modern day gay pride classic. As both songwriter and producer on his original productions, Gauthreaux is a major creative force to be reckoned with in the dance music industry. Whether you are expecting big vocals, house rhythms, progressive-tech beats, or tribal drums, Joe Gauthreaux will have you experiencing a musical journey you won’t ever forget.

DJs Philip Webb and Benson Wilder joined forces to create WilPower. The duo’s upbeat fusion of tribal, club, circuit and house music comes to the scene as a fresh crowd pleaser. Their connection, energy and love of music can be felt instantly. Enjoy the tribal, house grooves of two rising Dallas DJs combined to create an energetic, positive and momentous night that will leave you glowing long after the party has ended.

Stereo Live is a 25,000 square foot multi-level Dallas dance club favorite and features vintage architecture with a modern sound system.

DJ Joe Gauthreaux (NYC)

DJ Joe Gauthreaux

DJ Joe Gauthreaux

Hey, I'm Joe.

I've been alive 35 years now and still have not even remotely come close to figuring everything out. What I do know is that I'm a DJ & musician who absolutely loves his job. Actually, I don't even really think about what I do as a job - to me, music is more like something I live, eat & breathe. And it just so happens that I manage to get paid somewhere along the way. So thank you to everyone out there who has helped me turn something I love so much into a career path!

These past few years have been a series of incredible moments in my life. I have gotten to play at clubs and parties all over the world that I only dreamed about, and now I've gotten to remix artists that I have come to know & admire, like Tony Moran, Frenchie Davis, Kristine W., Bimbo Jones, Ne-Yo, and yes.. even Justin Bieber!

Other than that, there's not much else. I love dogs and rainstorms. I sing Taylor Swift songs in the shower. I will always be a New Orleans boy at heart. And I am very much a textbook Leo.

So thanks for taking a minute out of your life to read this! Maybe check out my website and podcasts and all that fun stuff???? If you're not too bored 😉

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