March 9, 2018 @ 9:00 pm – March 10, 2018 @ 4:00 am
Station 4 (S4)
3911 Cedar Springs Rd
Dallas, TX 75219
Purple Foundation, Inc.

SPIN | Spring Edition

Purple Foundation is kicking off the year with a quarterly Spin party like no other! From the dance floor to the Rose Room, S4 will be alive with a special energy that only Purple Foundation can provide. Join us on March 9 as we present Purple superstar DJ Alyson Calagna, with an opening set by Dallas’s own DJ Benson Wilder.

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From beats of shared consciousness to the tribal ballet of contemporary longings, Calagna’s unique blend of organic sound, poetic wisdom and modern pulses combine to bring the listener to center of their conscience and the heart of the dancefloor.

SPIN | Spring Edition 2017

SPIN | Spring Edition 2017

Station 4 is the perfect setting for Alyson’s return to Dallas, with a thundering sound system and state-of-the-art lighting experience in this 24,000-square-foot mega-club. In addition to its sweeping dance floor, Station 4 features a large patio and world-class drag entertainers in its famous Rose Room. Discounted tickets are available online with proceeds benefiting local LGBT organizations.

Over the years, Purple Foundation has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars that make a difference in the lives of our community. As we grow, we strive to give you bigger, more fantastic, opportunities to celebrate our lives and help the lives of others. We can’t wait to see you on the dance floor, and we thank you for your generous support.

DJ Alyson Calagna (Miami)

DJ Alyson Calagna

DJ Alyson Calagna

DJ Alyson Calagna’s dancefloor is where faith and fable; gods and goddesses; and discovery and desire meet in a new truthology of sound.

The outernational DJ is the pioneer behind the sound of “Omtronica,” mixing sexual, sensual and spiritual rhythms with tones of empowerment and ecstasy.  From beats of shared consciousness to the tribal ballet of contemporary longings, Calagna’s unique blend of organic sound, poetic wisdom and modern pulses combine to bring the listener to center of their conscience and the heart of the dancefloor.

DJ Alyson Calagna

DJ Alyson Calagna

With an international list of appearances – across the United States and in Brazil, Mexico, Montreal and beyond – Calagna has perfected a sound that is globally influenced and instantly recognizable.  Her music has appeared on NBC’s, MTV and the USA networks.  She has had releases on major dance labels such as Nervous, Stereo Productions, Intenso and Star69. She has also headlined some of the largest venues around the world including Pacha, Space, Crobar, The Government, The Village and more. Alyson has played events with DJ’s Danny Tenaglia, Chus and Ceballos, Boris and David Penn just to name a few.  Critics have lauded her for discovering an unmistakable “sound of her own,” and she has garnered a dedicated following in nearly every corner of the world.

By creating a world both personal and external - of both breathing and breathlessness - Calagna, and those tuned into her, become lamas of the mind . . . the mantra . . . the mat . . . and the floor.

DJ Benson Wilder (Dallas)

DJ Benson Wilder

DJ Benson Wilder

DJ Benson Wilder is no stranger to the dance floor or the DJ booth. His eclectic, energetic sound blends the worlds of circuit, club and house music, delivering pulsating rhythms, soaring melodic vocals, and flat out dirty beats designed to inspire and electrify his audience.

Benson Wilder has been making music since 2000 when he started distributing podcasts regularly through online DJ communities. He’s played events and parties for groups like AGLIFF, HRC, Octopus Club, Purple Foundation, Splash Days, and Ted Baker.

In 2006, Benson started his Sunday residency, Church, at Rain on 4th in Austin, TX. He headlined Austin’s infamous Big Gay Brunch and made a name for himself with both gay and straight audiences while rocking Terrace59’s monthly rooftop party. Benson made his circuit debut headlining Splash Day’s Get Wet Party and his first Purple appearance during 2014’s Purple Party Weekend, opening for DJ Grind at Rise. Since then he’s proudly joined Purple Foundation as a committee member.

Through the years Benson Wilder has developed a true love for the amazing people that fill dance floors and the talented DJs that fuel them. Those are the people that inspire him and keep him motivated to share his passion on the decks or through his Podcast, Reclaimed Peak.

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