April 29, 2017 @ 10:00 pm – April 30, 2017 @ 5:00 am
South Side Music Hall
1135 S Lamar St Ste 175
Dallas, TX 75215
18+ / $100 Door (Discounted Adv Purchase Tickets Avail) / Included in Weekend Pass
Purple Foundation, Inc.

THE PURPLE PARTY | Main Event 2016

THE PURPLE PARTY | Main Event 2016

Saturday’s signature Purple Party has become legendary, bringing the hottest talent to Dallas’s South Side Ballroom. Every year our main event gets bigger and better. And for 2017 we’ve pulled out all the stops, adding more lasers, enhanced lighting, and the hottest dancers from across the country. Plus, more Seth Breezy! Yes, Atlanta’s rising star, Seth Breezy returns Saturday night, hot off our Thursday ROAR! party, to lay down his signature energetic tribal sound for the main event’s peak hours and prepare you for Spanish sensation DJ/Producer Ivan Gomez.

Ivan, born in Barcelona, has been DJing since he was 17. He has become one of the most well-known DJ/producers worldwide. His mixture of house genres includes a fusion of tribal, progressive, and tech house, tinged with uplifting vocals and driving beats. His live sets captivate and impress with impeccable construction through private mixes, live mash ups, and original productions. Within the last few years, Ivan has become a global sensation by playing at the biggest and hottest LGBT festivals around the world such as White Party Palm Springs, White Party Bangkok, Circuit Festival Barcelona, One Magical Weekend, Alegria, Winter Party, and White Party Miami. He has produced chart-topping mixes for artists like LeAnn Rimes, Madonna, Peter Rauhofer, Yoko Ono, and many more.

With rising-star Seth Breezy and international superstar Ivan Gomez, you better buckle up for the show-stopping main event. It’s going to be an exciting ride.

DJ Ivan Gomez (Barcelona)

DJ Ivan Gomez

DJ Ivan Gomez

Ivan Gomez, born in Barcelona, is one of the most known DJs and Producers worldwide. His mixture of various house genres that include Tribal, Progressive, Tech House and Underground, tinged with uplifting Vocals from time to time, become an absolute treat every time he plays. His live sets captivates and impresses with impeccable construction through Privates, live mash ups and original productions.

Ivan Gomez has been DJing since he was 18 years old. He was absorbed by the big clubs and festivals in Europe. He has established himself and played through out the European continent in every major city: Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, Naples, Milan, Rome, Cologne, London, Berlin to mention a few. In 2010 he makes the big jump to the American Continent – and from there on, his DJ Career takes on a completely new Direction, becoming an On-Demand International DJ, playing at the hottest Clubs and Parties world wide. Among the Parties that he has played around the world we have Circuit Festival (Barcelona), PRISM Festival (Toronto), Big Roger’s Vancouver Gay Pride (Vancouver), PAPA Party (NY, Tel Aviv, Barcelona), AREA (London), Gay Village (Rome), Criminal Candy (Naples), HustlaBall (Brussels), Karmabeat (Mexico City), Lesboa (Lisbon), Angels Events (Zurich) and Spirit of London (São Paulo). Further more, he holds residency and has had guest sets at several Clubs worldwide, such as The Week (São Paulo), Josefine (Belo Horizonte), Construction (Lisbon), Living (Mexico City), FLY (Toronto), GIAM (Rome), Kluster (Madrid), Red & Blue (Antwerp), Club Angel (Shanghai), plus many more.

On the production side, Ivan begins his career in 2008, with his first original production titled “Work My Beats”. This track became a favorite of several DJs worldwide, and got major acceptance from clubbers around the world. In 2010 he starts his own Recording Label – Guareber Recordings, and laying the foundation for him to become a Producer Sensation worldwide, and making Guareber Recordings become the favorite LGBT (and straight friendly) label from every major DJ and fan around the world. Further more, up-to-date, he has six (6) #1 Billboard Dance Club Charts. Finally, he has remixed for an extensive list of DJs and Artist through the past years, working on original remix work for the late Peter Rauhofer, Pet Shop Boys, Ono (Yoko Ono), Vassy, Cazzette, Dave Aude, Robbie Rivera, Offer Nissim, among many others.

Within the last few years, Ivan Gomez has become a Global Sensation – and in 2014 he will be headlining two of the United States biggest running Circuit Parties: Palm Springs White Party, on it’s 25th Anniversary and Winter Party Festival 2104 in Miami.

DJ Seth Breezy (Atlanta)

DJ Seth Breezy

DJ Seth Breezy

DJ Seth Breezy is a new artist on the scene and is hitting the ground running. Seth got his start in the music industry long before he ever pressed Play for the first time.

With a passion for music at an early age, Seth was fascinated with the way music sounded to him--how it was produced. This passion, combined with intense curiosity, led him to apply and to be accepted into the Atlanta Institute of Music (AIM) in Atlanta, Georgia where he graduated with honors in his class with a Bachelor's of Audio Engineering and Production.

Now equipped with the tools needed to produce and perform his music, it was time for him to put his skills to the test. Upon graduating from AIM, Seth immediately landed a DJ Residency at TEN Atlanta where he impressed and awed at the young age of only 22 years old.

Seth has also interned with two incredibly successful music studios; Akon's Music Box Studios and Kalenna Harper's Phantom Music (formerly of P. Diddy's band Dirty Money and of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta fame).

In just three short years, DJ Seth Breezy has continued to impress, grow, and develop his sound. With influences such as Peter Rauhofer, Isaac Escalante, and Abel, House music is what he loves, but Peak and After Hours sets are where his talent and enthusiasm shine the brightest.

This enthusiasm, talent, and high energy has landed Seth many opportunities. He currently has Residencies with SCRUFF, Heretic Atlanta and Joe's on Juniper in Atlanta. He has also had the privilege to spin at amazing venues such as Xion and Jungle in Atlanta and Oil Can Harry's in Austin, Texas. He has also spun along side some of his colleagues and friends, DJ's Shane Stiel, Ben Baker and soon to be, Deanne.

Other than his intense love for being behind the decks, DJ Seth Breezy also has an incredible entrepreneurial spirit. He is in the process of building his own brand--which already has successful parties under its belt. Seth has blown up the Atlanta scene and hopes to expand his influences to the rest of the country and internationally. Seth also has aspirations of one day having his own Record Label.

DJ Seth Breezy is a young, talent, ready to explode. His fresh sound of new, mind-blowing music is sure to make you move for many years to come. Music and life is a journey. Seth would like to inspire you to dance down that path, rather than just walk. Hold on tight, though, it's going to be an exciting ride....